Shihab attending a press conference.



A Group Photo of Old Bahawalpur Journalists.



Shihab in Nigar khana-e-Khatatee function with Zahoor Nazar and Jameel-  ud- din Aali


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Urdu Academy Bhawalpur (1962-90)


Shihab Dehlvi served as Secretary General Urdu academy Bahawal Pur about 30 years and left tremendous literary achievements. In the history of Bahawal Pur it is not possible to neglect his remarkable achievements. When we consider his own written publications we can say that his     

name in the literary history of bahawal pur will remain there.


He organized “Khita-e-Pak Uch”,”Bahawal Pur main Urdu”, “Bahawal Pur key siasi Tareekh”, “Mashaheer-e-Bahawal pur”,”Oleya-e- Bahawalpur” and like khawaja Ghulam Fareed valuable publication and  Translations of “Takmila sair- ul- olya” and Latif -e- sariya.


When we review the catalogue of publications of Urdu academy Bahawal Pur it becomes very easy to understand that how much great work being done by him.


With the reference of Urdu academy Bahawal Pur Al-Zubair in consideration is very important magazine instead of his normal issues the special issues are more than one and half dozen being arranged and published by shihab.


The topic of these special issues are kept unique in the magazine Al-Zubair. Al-zubair is superior, distinct, and pioneer when we compare it with  Naqoosh” Lahore.


Naqoosh Lahore published many special issues in the imitate of Al-Zubair Bahawal pur. For example it’s literary issue “Adabi Marka” is published after the Adabi Marka issue of Al-zubair. while the Ghayr  Mulke Afsana issue, Safar Nama issue, Aap Beetee issue, kutub khana issue, Asar-e-qadeema, Asnaf-e-adab, Cholistan issue and Inteqadiyat issues are far better than Naqoosh Lahore.


         The special issues published by Al-Zubair under the supervision of  Shihab from 1962-1990 are detailed as under;


            1. Ghair Mulkey Afsana                                              1962

            2. Safar nama                                                            1962

            3. Aap beetee                                                            1964

            4. Kutub khana                                                          1967

            5. Miza Ghalib                                                           1969

            6. Tehreek –e-Azadi                                                   1970

            7. Adabi Markay                                                        1974

            8. Bahawal pur kay asar-e kadima                               1975

            9. Qaid-e-Azam                                                          1976

            10.Allama Iqbal                                                          1977

            11.Cholistan                                                              1979

            12.Asnaf-e-adab number                                             1980

            13. Bahawal pur                                                         1982

            14. Bahawal pur ka suo sala sahafat                            1984

            15. Khawaja Ghulam Fareed                                       1985

            16. Entiqadiyat                                                          1986

            17. Vazeer Aga                                                          1989




After the death of shihab Dehlvi his son Dr. Shahid Rizvi supported the assignments of Urdu Academy pleasantly.


He maintained publishing Al-Zubair on regular basis and also extended the arrangement of book publishing.


In this regard the seventeen years period of Dr. Shahid Rizvi (1990-2006) is remarkable.    

Dr.Shahid Rizvi has not only extended the work of Urdu Academy with the available resources, he also introduced the latest style of printing of the books.


About 38 books were published under the supervision of shihab Dehlvi whose detail is as under;



1.    Arabi Adab

2.    Kaleed-e-Iqbal

3.    Khawaja Ghulam Fareed (Hayat-o- shiairy)

4.    Naser Taseer

5.    Faoust

6.    Masnavi Saif-ul-Malook

7.    Lughat  -e -  Tib

8.    Multani Zaban aur Urdu say Taluk

9.    Khita-e-Pak Uch

10.  Rahnuma-e-Nafsiayat

11.  Bahawalpur ka shairy Aadab

12.  Imam Zaid

13.  Dewan-e-Fareed

14.  Aqleem  - e - Anees

15.  Entekhab dewan-e-Fareed

16.  Auliya -e-Bahawal Pur

17.  Syed- ul- Ahrar

18.  Yousaf  Zulaikha

19.  Takmila sair-ul-oliya

20.  Masnawi Heer Ranjha

21.  Rohi Rang

22.  Talqeen-e-Luddni

23.  Masnawai Heer Ranjha

24.  Her Ba Herf

25.  Wadi-e-hakara kay Aassar

26.  Bahar-e-Saraikey

27.  Bahawalpur main Urdu

28.  Qissa shehzada Eshaq

29.  saheefa Tareekh

30.  Siraikey loak kahaneyan

31.  Mubarek Shah Kay Nam

32.  Gul-O-Sang

33.  Mashaheer-e-Bahawalpur

34.  MakhtotatGilani Librarary (Second Edition)

35.  Dewan-e-Fareed (Translated by Moulvi Aziz-ur-Rehman)

36.  Subh-e-Sadiq

37.  Safar-Hee-Safar

38.  Mirani Balouchon Key Kahani


whose secretary ship was managed by shihab dehlvi from (1961G -1990G). In recognition of all these services Allama Iqbal University Islamabad is also organizing thesis on Phil levels”.


It is worth mentioning that the person conducting the research on the  literary history of

Bahawalpur is depending shihab dehlvi’s monumental works as a reference.

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